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International leadership line of study

4.9.2017-28.2.2018 in Perheniemi and after that 1.3.2018-31.5.2018 in different outreach locations.

Basic content of the line:
The aim is to arrange a line of education focusing on:
1. Prayer
2. Growing in one's own calling
3. Studying the Bible especially in group settings
4. Serving in some outreaches in different parts of Europe e.g. Mission-Net congress in Holland

The basic pedagogical model that the leadership line will be built on is “team academy” - model. In this model the responsibility for learning is with the person studying and with the group. The group and individuals will make a personal plan of study and ask guidance and support from mentors and coaches to achieve the plan. Leadership of the line team will lead this process.

Studies are divided into modules so that every week will contain one module.
Modules are always built on a basic structure of bible study, prayer, worship and sharing, but the main focus of the content will vary week by week. 

The weekly cost of the line will be 74€ if you will participate for more than one week in a semester and it will be paid monthly. This cost contains the accommodation and food on weekdays in Perheniemi but does not contain the mission trips or weekends. Accommodation on weekends is 25 € /weekend, excluded meals. On weekends there is possibility to cook own meals or pay some extra to eat prepared meals. You can participate as many weeks as you want in a month and then pay for those.

Overview of the costs:
1 Week: 74 € + weekend 25 € (accommodation)
(participating for only one week in a semester will cost 148 €)
1st Semester 4.9. - 28.2. approx. 1700 € (without weekends and mission trips)
2nd Semester 1.3. - 31.5.: individual costs

If you would like to join, but don’t feel like it’s possible for financial reasons, please contact us at the address given at the end of the application and we will try to find a solution together.

Leadership team:
Markus Kari and Katrin Dubach will be the contact people for any questions regarding the course, practicalities and organisation of the studies in the group setting. For more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact them using the email address info.howp(at)gmail.com.


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